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2018 Forthcoming Autumn 2018 Tour – “Game Plan” touring dates 1st – 12th October with public performance at Swindon Town Hall on 12th October at 7pm

Partners Theatre Company have begun working on their autumn tour with a piece called ‘Game Plan’. This work is funded by Arts Council Funded.

Which are the dreams, which are the nightmares, and which is real? Facing the Zombie of self-doubt, the monster of insecurity and the ogre of uncertainty, Sam is struggling to face the day. It’s time to wake up and play the game! ‘Game Plan’ is a show that encourages us to believe that we all have the courage to bounce back!  

Partners Theatre Company are joined for the evening of the 12th October at Swindon Town Hall by Learners from Uplands Educational Trust who will be performing a short drama piece of their own devising.