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The Board of Trustees

Mark Smart – Chair of Trustees & Company Director

Mark has a background in ceramics and three dimensional design and has contributed to a number of exhibitions in ceramics.  He spent 15 years teaching art and design to people of all ages and abilities in a variety of situations from workshops to college classes and  ran workshops for RIA in general art and design. From a career in art and design Mark moved onto a career in the construction industry working as a technical project management on multi million pound housing schemes supporting affordable housing. This has afforded him vital skills for Reach Inclusive Arts in Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Management. He has served as Chair since 2009.

 Kay Malko – Trustee & Company Director

Kay Malko works as a free-lance Disability Equality Trainer and Consultant. Her work is informed by personal experience.  Kay has a background of working with the United Nations Agencies (The Food and Agricultural Organisation and UNICEF), the British Council overseas and Social Services in Wiltshire. She has provided links for Reach Inclusive Arts with Bath University and brokered a first year social work students’ placement scheme. She provides training for Reach staff and volunteers on Child Protection and Disability Equality and is also a Director and member of the management committee of Shaping Our Lives, the national user group network.

Kayleigh Keville – Trustee & Treasurer

Kayleigh is a highly qualified accountant with Zurich Financial Services. She is very experienced in Performance Management, Financial Reporting, and Internal Controls and Governance. As part of her degree, she has completed a research project on budgetary methodologies. She takes an active role in the financial management of the organization. Her employer is also a long term supporter of Reach Inclusive Arts. Kayleigh is a dancer and used to perform in a band. She is passionate about the arts and loves what Reach do to support disabled artistic individuals (including one of Kayleigh’s family)! Kayleigh’s first real involvement with the charity was spending time with some of the girls from the Marlborough House unit working on the ‘Street Arts’ Project which led to her becoming a Reach trustee.

Susan Marley – Trustee

Susan Marley has had a long career in the finance industry. She has dedicated a significant part of her adult life to volunteer to help the lives of disadvantaged and disabled people both in the UK and overseas. Of particular note is her work with Mission Romania. She is a grandmother of five and enjoys spending time with them. She is a regular volunteer with Reach Inclusive Arts and her “hands on” approach is much appreciated.

Joe Dickson – Trustee

Joe has been a member of Partners Theatre Company for many years. He is a gifted actor and dancer and an inspiring workshop leader. He regularly volunteers with other Reach Inclusive Arts groups.

 Victoria Slatter – Trustee

Victoria is a  graphic designer with a straight forward approach to design and disability.  She has produced art work for several Reach Inclusive Arts publications and also illustrated the “Sticks and Stones” Anti-Bullying handbook in 2003.  She is a longtime trustee and friend of the organisation who has contributed in many ways to the work of the charity. Victoria is a wheelchair user who advises Reach on access issues.

Millie Hammond – Trustee

Millie Hammond works in IT for Nationwide Building Society, which she has worked in since graduating with a Psychology and Sociology degree.  Her employer is a supporter of Reach Inclusive Arts.  She has been involved in Volunteering on and off for the last twenty years and is a hands on volunteer at Reach.  She is also a bit of a show off and so working with Reach is a perfect way to get creative as well as support our disabled artists.