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Trip Wire 2017

Partners Theatre Company performing in 2016

Partners Theatre Company performing in 2016

Due to the success of Partners 2016 show ‘Trip Wire’ Partners Theatre Company have been asked to perform the show again in 2017.  So, after some re-working of the original script, in line with feedback received, They will be touring again October 2nd – 13th.  The company will visit schools, colleges and local businesses.

Partners are joined by Big State Theatre, a professional company based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

‘Trip Wire’ promises, once again, to be a highly entertaining mix of comedy, music and movement that explores how advances in digital technology can speed communication, but not always increase understanding. It will include the notion that such advances may cause victimisation and bullying as it can leave some individuals alienated if they cannot comprehend its use.  

The play is about Stacey Hawkes who lives in 2017. With a small gadget she holds in her hand she can access the world, see the world, meet the world and enjoy all the many benefits of the cyber super highway. So, when she gets left behind in France it should be easy for her to find her way home… unless of course this information network also has access to her; can see her and can be her. On a real life adventure to get home Stacey learns some important lessons about her virtual life….

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