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Marlborough House Street Arts Project

7th – 11th April 2014

On Friday 11th April at 1.30pm the raised walkway that runs between the Swindon Central Library and The Wyvern Theatre Swindon, was the place to be to watch an exciting and exuberant piece of Street Theatre.

Performance area

Performance area


The street performers were all young people from Marlborough House, an NHS Adolescent Inpatient unit, based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The project focussed on sowing the seeds of self-confidence through creative arts practise combining visual and performance art.



Watching the show

Watching the show

Creating the art work

Creating the art work


The young people worked with Reach arts workers during the week leading up to the final performance day. They engaged in drama in the morning and art during the afternoon. The collective textile creation by the group from the art sessions was incorporated into the final performance and then exhibited in a local gallery, ‘Art Site’, Swindon.

The week’s activities presented opportunities for the participants to experiment with emotional states in a safe and supported environment through the suspension of disbelief and capacity to nurture imagination that art and drama can provide. The intention was to increase self-confidence through the new criteria for success that engagement in the arts can establish and also create different social interactions.






‘Thank you for a unique experience’ participant

‘I think I can speak for everyone in saying we enjoyed every last second of our amazing experience, especially performing the play’ participant

‘A massive thank you for making the week so inclusive and interesting for the young people who attended, I was so pleased to be able to attend some of the days myself and witness the young people getting involved and enjoying themselves. It was a wonderful opportunity and an amazing experience for the young people (and staff!) Staff


Reach Inclusive Arts would like to thank Nationwide Building Society and The Mid-Counties Co-Operative Group for providing the funding for this project.



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