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Trip Wire 2017

‘Trip Wire’ performance in 2017 was re-worked by Partners Theatre Company from the original 2016 script, in line with feedback received.   The company toured this updated version during October 2nd – 13th 2017, visiting schools, colleges and local businesses and at each of the venues the show was well received.

“Well put together, good mix of comedy an serious message”, “Brilliant, food for thought, thank you”

Comments from the audience at Nationwide Head Office, Swindon

Partners were again joined by Big State Theatre, a professional company based at the Salisbury Arts Centre, Wiltshire.

‘Trip Wire’ was a highly entertaining mix of comedy, music and movement that explored how advances in digital technology can speed communication, but not always increase understanding. Including the notion that such advances may cause victimisation and bullying as it can leave some individuals alienated if they cannot comprehend its use. The drama was about a young girl called Stacey Hawkes who gets left behind in France on a school trip.  With the use of her mobile phone she finds her way back home, after a series of adventures that has her using the internet to help with translation, maps and many other useful apps.  However, she also experienced the problems of giving away her identity and being followed online by people she did not know….