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Who we are

For over four decades, Reach Inclusive Arts (RIA) has been a beacon of artistic opportunity and inclusivity throughout Swindon and the surrounding areas. We are one of the few charities dedicated to providing creative outlets for adults and young people aged 11-18 in Special Educational Needs (SEN) Schools, with learning and physical disabilities, mental health issues, sensory impairments, and social anxiety. Through our work in this area, we have been instrumental in transforming lives through the power of the arts.

The charity provides a safe space to take part in performance and visual arts, including acting, drama, painting, and drawing. Throughout the year, RIAs two flagship programs, Partners Theatre Company and The Art Group, showcases participants’ hard work through performances and exhibitions, with the charity priding itself on developing individual and creative talent.

Those that take part in the programs led by RIA, have a passion for the arts but often have little to no experience or opportunity in the arts before joining. Therefore, the charity leads with quality, with projects being fully supported by local theatres and run by professional artistic directors, artists and performers, so that participants can grow and develop skills that they can be proud of.

Theatre performances are delivered to large audiences throughout the local area, often partnering with SEN Schools and supporting organisations. Art produced by The Art Group, is visible in every theatre performance and on all promotional material for RIA. Audiences that attend performances, consistently reflect on the standard of thought provoking and moving pieces that are both humorous and profound, putting the spotlight on many of the issues that participants face in their lives.

By offering innovative and inclusive opportunities, RIA allows individuals with learning and physical disabilities, as well as social anxiety and mental health issues, to grow, inspire others, and be fully integrated into the artistic community. Through drama, performance, and art, they find purpose, self-expression, and build on their personal development. Our work not only benefits our members, but also enriches the wider community by promoting diversity, understanding, and empathy.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unlock creativity and develop potential. Together, we can create a world where artistic expression knows no limits and where everybody’s voice is heard and valued.

Reach Inclusive Arts is a company Limited by Guarantee and a Charity managed by a board of trustees. Charity Number 1116680 Co. Ltd Guarantee No. 5421272.