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What we do?

DSC04766Reach Inclusive Arts initiate and manage projects designed by the participants which help to increase their engagement in the cultural life of their locality.

The work of Reach Inclusive Arts enables disabled people and those who have used mental health services to present their work publically and feel integrated and part of their community.

Reach regularly provide a wide-range of therapeutic arts activities which include animation, visual arts, textiles, installation, pottery, puppetry, mosaic, creative writing and graphic design.

We recognize that people with disabilities or mental health issues can sometimes find it difficult to get to leisure activities.  When this is appropriate we take our projects out to them and take place in their locality amongst people and places where they feel safe.

Many of our participants live in isolated areas of social deprivation, Reach work with organisations, based in these areas, to invite people to join in the activities that we support.  Conversely some of the groups that we work with derive significant benefit from undertaking their arts practise in a dedicated arts environment which is away from their routine activities.

Regular participants find long-term support from our ongoing projects and derive a sense of personal value from peer-mentoring new participants. Many participants develop their confidence sufficiently to move on to independent study and other activities.

Reach Inclusive Arts has a strong sense of community and aims to bring people together through their arts work.

For more detail on all of these arts groups please go to the ‘Projects’ page on this website.